The Black Portlanders

This year The Black Portlanders is  pleased to be documenting at this year’s Soul’d Out Music Festival. Soul’d Out consistently brings a host of amazing artists to Portland every spring. An exploration of soul music across genres and demographics, Soul’d Out brings an all-encompassing music experience not often seen in Portland. Slick Rick, Tinariwen, Little Dragon, Questlove, Diana Krall, Illmaculate .. the breadth is always extensive.

This evening The Black Portlanders will be documenting at Lalah Hathaway & Ruben Studdard’s show at the Crystal Ballroom.
Tickets are still available at

We’ll also be at the Doug Fir for Portland-based Ural Thomas & The Pain. You can check out our recent interview with Ural in this month’s PDX Magazine.

Tomorrow we’ll be boarding the Portland Spirit for the Magic Mouth show. 
Saturday we’ll be at Alberta Rose Theater for Lady Sings The Blues, a Billie Holiday Tribute Night, benefiting the 2014 Siren Nation Fest. Amenta Abioto of The Black Portlanders will be performing along with other stellar Portland-based artists..

Catherine Feeny
Liz Vice 
Danielle Sullivan-Ward 
Naomi Folsom Tatuoka (Soul Providers) 
Boy and Bean (Luke) 
Jeni Wren 
Ezza Rose 
& Rebecca Miller (Myna Birds)

We’ll be posting our coverage over the coming days.
Be sure to check out the full lineup of artists. 
Tickets are available at

Update from The Black Portlanders on The Indiegogo Campaign


An update.

As you may or may not know.. The Black Portlanders completed its Indiegogo campaign on March 26th, two weeks after our initial campaign completion date of March 8th. We were able to raise a total of $25,079 dollars. That’s $10,079 over our goal of $15,000. Thank you - each one of you - for your support.  Seriously. We received the campaign funds this past week. 

We’re now into the exciting work of planning the next stages of the The Black Portlanders. We are preparing to get rewards out to everyone. It’s my goal to get these things out before May is out. There are shirts, hoodies, prints, and postcards to be printed. We have tea talks and photo shoots to schedule.  There is so much to do.

In addition, a host of new opportunities have come our way. We’ve gotten so much correspondence. I’m catching up. If you’ve written me, please know I’ll get back with you personally. 

What’s important to note is that.. beyond the gift of the funding, a host of new connections both inside and outside PDX have been made.. are YET being made. Right now. This is still evolving. I’ve decided to take it all step by step.

I’ll be updating the blog with our discoveries and progressions as we move through this post-campaign process. “The journey” is its own aspect of the work, its own artistic experience. We’ll roll out the next phases of The Black Portlanders throughout the next few months. 

One thing I’ve learned is that great work - timeless work- takes time, care, thought, and intention. There was the frenzy of the time-based deadline nature of the campaign. In the aftermath, I’m committed to taking the necessary time to craft this work with the intention it deserves. This feels very important.

I deeply appreciate support in getting The Black Portlanders funded.. Please know this  will ripple beyond what’s been communicated here. I’m very serious about that. Words don’t express the gratitude. I’ll keep everyone in the loop.

Additionally the producers of “Whitelandia”, an upcoming full-scale documentary about the history of state-sanctioned discrimination against Black Americans in Oregon have just launched their kickstarter.
The Black Portlanders along with many other great people in the community will be featured. Spread the word. Contribute if you can! Addressing the history and present of Oregon will happen through many hands and voices. This is the work of many.
There’s work to do.

All my best,
Intisar Abioto of The Black Portlanders

Show Review: The Resistance at Kelly’s Olympian

While we here at Black PDXers are mostly love & roses…#supportblackportland.. The truth is this city is a conundrum. I have had a few interactions with a couple of the artists within The Resistance + have featured Glenn Waco's “Interstate” in the listening series. They all seem to be chill individuals & I’ve yet to hear them be disrespectful or wild. But beyond that they are some ones to look out for. They’re talented and I was disappointed I wasn’t able to show. That being said… If I had gone there would have been a 50/50 chance I couldn’t get in. Not because of overcapacity or crazy environment. No. Because the Fire Marshall cut capacity in half. From 100 - 50. ??? The PDX Police is on a rampage with the hip hop shows and there was a simultaneous incident that occurred that was just as crazy… read on… at We Out Here Magazine.
- Hanifah Abioto : loveelevationart
Music Curator & Art Direction Dept. of The Black Portlanders

Indiegogo <5 days left Contribute! @

The Black Portlanders ∣ Listening Series ∣ Inter-Spacial Travels in the Vast Empire of the BLACKEST Galaxy: Curated≎Crafted by Hanifah (Ni) Abioto 【Love ❣. Elevation ^. Art ⁂】

The Magic of Positive Self Image . Rev Ike
Fyi . TroyBoi
Wanna Be Down . Brandy | starRo Rmx
Blackbird (Live Studio) . Jordan Rakei
Duvid (ft Pongo Love) . Quantic
Back in The Day . Ahmad | Victamone Short Edit
Rvlations . EOM
We and the Moon are Neighbors “jazz style” . bdroom | Fairuz
He Loves Me . Maddjazz & Rampage (rmx) | Jill Scott
Full Moon in Virgo . kayodefunke 
Dreamin . Ruby Suns (rmx) | Pillar Point 
Not a Dream (ft. DMIBeats) . aKu
A Light Within . King Britt | Low Leaf
Be Here (anyway. & TEME rework) . Raphael Saadiq & D’Angelo
Green Acres ft Biz Marley . Milton
Dougou Badia . King Coya (rmx) | Amadou et Mariam ft Santigold
If This World Were Mine . JW (rmx | Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
All The Joy . Moonchild
Jibul Alnuba . Alsarah & The Nubatones
Need U . aywy
Say You’ll Be There . Ben L’oncle
È Duro . Makks(rmx) | Gato Preto
Drunk In Love . Zoë Tauran & Dominggus (Pfaff Unplugged Vers.)
Who Can I Run 2 . El_Blanco_Nino_x_Sykotix
Orange Skyline . Gifted Gab 
Led By Example . Gang Colours
Window Seat . Alcordo
Easy (Switch Screens) ft Lorde . sonlux
Act So Hard . Luck-One | SolPreme
Lover. Najwa Mahaiddin
Vanguard . Flakơ (rmx) | José James
Dorothy Dandridge Eyes ft Lianne la Haves (Soulsonic’s Spanish Harlem Edit ) . Janelle Monae
Joose . Reggie Miller prod. Sango
Love Is a Losing Game (Lucian X & NAPT Redub) . Amy Winehouse 
Come Join Us . Rippy Austin & Robert Casey
Drive (Hi’s bootleg re-vision) . Bobby Mcferrin 
The Breathing Effect - Layers of Thought . ALPHA PUP
Techno Cumbia x Techno Cumbia (Mr. Biggz Moombahton Rmx . Selena Quintinilla
Beginnings (NBB rmx) . Junip
Nomad (Radio Citizen Mix) . Micatone
Space is The Place . Sun Ra x Improv (Olaf Stuut rmx) . Bobby McFerrin

(Source: SoundCloud / The Black Portlanders)


- Alberta St

© 2013 Intisar Abioto

CookiePortland native- Killingsworth  © 2013 Intisar Abioto

Portland native

- Killingsworth

  © 2013 Intisar Abioto

Thank you, all.

We successfully made our goal of $15000 by Monday afternoon and made $21383 by our initial campaign end at 11:59 PM that night. Thank you everyone! This will help us continue to create this project with the tools and resources needed to do it masterfully. This means everything. Portland and “the world” - wherever you are- came out and showed yourselves. It made and makes all the difference.

Additionally, Indiegogo extended our campaign by two more weeks! Yeah! Many people expressed they wanted to contribute, but missed the time cutoff.You can still contribute at 
until March 26th. Everything matters and will go towards enhancing and taking The Black Portlanders far. We will have a full scale summer exhibit!

I’m steadily sending thank you messages. Thanks again everyone!

Intisar Abioto
Photographer at The Black Portlanders

The Black Portlanders has its Listening Series back up.. With a Special Episode to celebrate the Indiegogo #win. Curated by Ni Abioto (@loveelevationart). 

For the Indiegogo #Win Thanks all! Reblog to share the thanks… We appreciate all of yall!

The Black Portlanders ∣ Listening Series Special Epi ∣ $.21,383.$

Inter-Spacial Travels in the Vast Empire of the BLACKEST Galaxy: Curated + Crafted by (ha)Ni Abioto

Thank you - Inti/Blk PDXrs
Nobody’s Business feat. Jamal Ross . Marie Dahlstrom
Weak (Ellie Herring RMx) . SWV
Especial ft MC Taty . Sango
Gooey . Glass Animals
Ordinary Heart . Emily King
Fatma . Habib Koite
Her . Aches
Klapp Klapp . Little Dragon
Now I Know ft Jesse Boykins III & Robert Glasper . Brandon Williams
Adios . Yung Ill Wun
The Bells . Lowell
Channel 8 fT Waldo . Prod by Sango
Mother Lode (90’s sensual mix) . Magic Mouth
Flawless . King Bey
Never Leave You (Lumidee ReFix) . MNEK
Purpose . Madelyn Grant & Alekos Syropoulos
Thank you (again) - Inti/Blk PDXrs
Ella . La Mala Rodriguez

Thank you, everyone! $21,383
We are funded and this is happening.

Thank you!


The Black Portlanders—and Its Promise of a "New Tale of Portland"—Hits Fundraising Goal!

Thanks to Portland Mercury for this insightful blog post. I didn’t see this until hours later.

Thank you all so much. This is how I feel. Here’s where we are now.. Fully funded and people still contributing. We’ll have an full exhibit this summer with the money contributed beyond the initial goal. I am so excited! Thank you.
We have until 11:59 PM PST
You can still contribute. You can still share.
Thank you !!

Black Portlanders Project Funded, Still Accepting Donations

We’re in We Out Here Magazine We are STILL accepting contributions .. Our stretch goal is a Full-scale Black Portlanders Summer Photo Exhibit. Yes! Let’s get these photos out of the screen. Let’s get people out from behind their phones and computers. Photo prints! Sunshine! People! Lemonade? I can see it! Thanks to Fahiym B. Acuay for this great writeup on the journey!

AHHHHHH! Full Scale Summer Black Portlanders Exhibit!

Thank you ALL! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OK! This is real! This happened. I”m blown away and so tired but amped at the same time. I know I’ve been awake for way too long. Catching my second wind. 9 more hours to go to fund a full-scale Black Portlanders exhibit this summer. Taking the photos out of the screens. Prints and people and sunshine! Can you see it? Please keep shouting and sharing and contributing to The Black Portlanders!